MSI EPS (Enterprise Platform Solution) is a global forerunner hardware provider. Our products are developed100% in-house by MSI R&D team to support customers and to approach actual market demand with great focus on Design and Manufacturing.

What you get from MSI is a range of advantages that will suit your needs more closely than any other company.

  • Amongst these:1.Corporate Agility. We are not a large, stiff corporation. We give you fast and innovative development.
  • 2.Original and Unique Design The strength of MSI is being a pioneering front-runner. MSI takes the best cross-section of ability from a wide spectrum of IT knowledge, mixes it with 3 decades of front-line experience, and gives you a unique package of products.
  • 3.Our HQ Our HQ is in Taiwan so there is full international copyright security and IP protection on all new solutions.
  • 4.Made in TaiwanProducts are "Made in Taiwan" in a fully open-environment standard, and are free of trade restrictions.
  • 5.MIT & MICMIT & MIC mirrored manufacturing sites, as well as local config & assembly via MSI/LA, help you deploy your global sales service and expand your sales footprint.