• 4U
  • Single Socket SP5, supports AMD EPYC™ 9004 series processors
  • (12) DDR5 DIMM Slots, 1DPC, upto 4800MT/s, RDIMM/RIMM-3DS
  • (4) PCIe 5.0 x16 Full-height/Full-length(FHFL) triple-wide slots supports GPGPU upto 450W
  • (2) PCIe 4.0 x16 slots (x8 signal)
  • (12) Hot-swap 2.5” U.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe drive bays
  • (1) 1000Base-T Dedicated Server Management Port
  • (1) ASPEED AST2600 with IPMI & DMTF Redfish Support, Dual BMC Flash


  • Video Production and Broadcasting Applications
  • Animation & Modeling
  • 3D Rendering Drawing
  • Visualization & Design
  • AI Training

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